Mail Art Exchange between my pen pal Bob (scorpion) and me (butterfly).
Mail Art 6 from RS and 5 from KMJ
Mail Art 5 from RS and 4 from KMJ.
On Lake Mary near Flagstaff, AZ
2014 Model of ORU Origami Kayak

Mail Art

Mail Art 5 from RS.
Happy Retirement Larry

The Honda Helix was given to us – free. After all the mechanical fixes, upholstery, bonded title (that was a long process), and paint job, she’s mine! My mechanic husband kept calling her “ugly” and I kept responding “She’s not a monster!” Then as a joke, “She’s a Gila Monster.” Well the joke, took root as an idea, then a concept, then a plan, and was finally implemented. She definitely is hand-painted by an artist, not a professional who paints vehicles, but I love her and am very happy with my new wheels.

Hester, the Gila Monster Honda Helix’s Adventures and Farewell

September 20, 2019: Hester is stolen.

September 26th, 2019: Hester is recovered. She’s been spray painted black and wrecked. The Thief is apprehended and detained for a day. He is released to await hearing in October.

October 2019: My husband, a fantastic mechanic, orders a 3-D printed body for Hester and repairs all the damaged parts. Thief blows off hearing. A warrant for his arrest is issued.

November 2019: My husband is in a tragic motorcycle accident from which he miraculously survives. I spend the next 6 weeks+ going to the hospital 1-3 times daily.

November 2019: Hester has problems. Fuel deprivation. The mechanic can’t see her until December.

January 2020: I finally get Hester back from the mechanic. She runs alright but not fully up. Thief is arrested again and detained this time. Hearing in March.

March 2020: Problems with Hester. Fuel deprivation. Back to the mechanic. Fuel problem fixed and she’s running strong. But!?! Now there’s a brake problem. I give up. Thief’s hearing moved to May because of the pandemic.

March 2020: There are too many reasons to give Hester up. I cry a little but after serious meditation, I realize it’s time to let her go. She is going to a man who sees her as a cultural icon, which she is.

Happy trails Hester. Long may you run!

Mail Art 3 from KMJ Envelope Front
Mail Art 3 from KMJ Envelope Back
Mail Art 4 from RS
Mail Art 3 from RS

I stayed at this amazing B&B. It’s a Frank Lloyd Wright house and Linda, the proprietor is a fascinating host.

Heward House_10.20.2018.1.jpgHeward House Bed & Breakfast, Holbrook ArizonaHeward House_10.20.2018.2.jpgSketch hike preparation for the Artist and Residence in Guadalupe Mountains National Park.

Santa Catalina Mts_10.10.2018.jpg
20180506_Mail Art Exchange for Katlas Journey
Mail Art 2 from KMJ
20180505_Mail Art Bob S - Copy
Mail Art 2 from Robert S.
20170507_KMJ Mail Art - Copy
Mail Art 1 from KMJ
20170507_Mail Art Robert S for KatlasJourney
Mail Art 1 from Robert S. Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild is an all volunteer organization. Artists who are displaying paintings docent two shifts. During my shifts I meet quite a few interesting people who visit the gallery. Robert S. from the Cleveland, OH area told me that he is a mail artist. When I asked him about it, he explained that he decorates envelopes and has done so for years. He sent me a letter in a decorated envelope and now we are occasional pen pals sharing mail art. Thanks Robert.

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