Completion of the AZT

Stretching more than 800 miles, from the U.S. border at Mexico to the Utah state line, The Arizona National Scenic Trail (AZT) was a big-horizon goal. Inspired and supported by many people, I decided to section hike a contiguous trail northbound (NoBo). My journey began June 2015 and was completed September 2021. What follows is a personal postcard for every day that I was on trail. Enjoy the journey! http://AZTKatlas on YouTube

With love, from the Arizona Trail

Deep Wild Journal

Kat AZ TR 2020 1

One of our favorite wilderness artists is Kat Manton-Jones, whose illustrated journal, The Katlas ( depicts her backcountry adventures on the Arizona Trail. Here are some of her brand-new sketches, which she created on a recent walk from Mormon Lake to Schultz Pass. A four-page full-color excerpt of Kat’s journals was featured in the first issue of the journal Deep Wild: Writing from the Backcountry last summer. The 2020 issue, just published, includes some B&W drawings from her Anasazi Artwork series.

Kat AZ TR 2020 2Deep Wild: Writing from the Backcountry, the home for creative work inspired by journeys to places where there are no roads.

Kat AZ TR 2020 3

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Deep thanks from Deep Wild — Deep Wild Journal

Thanks to all whose subscriptions helped us not just meet but exceed our spring fundraising goal of $2000. We are gratified by the positive response to our enterprise, especially in these difficult times. The 2020 edition of Deep Wild Journal is shaping up to be a beauty: 41 writers sharing their essays, poems, and stories […]

Deep thanks from Deep Wild — Deep Wild Journal

Katlas Journey

KAT MANTON-JONES is a self-taught watercolor artist and sketchbook illustrator. She is a Saguaro Fellow of the Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild, an Artist in Residence at Guadalupe Mountains National Park (2018) and a recipient of the Arts Heritage Fund honoring Janet Tifft. Her “Katlas” series is a combination of sketchbook illustrations, mini-paintings, maps, and musings of life. She lives in Tucson, Arizona, and spends time backpacking the Arizona National Scenic Trail, painting, and sketching.