Grazing is a mixed-media piece. I started with a mat board covered with Gesso. I added a watercolor and water-soluble pastel background. I added the collage horse and tree elements. I finished with more watercolor and pastel.

Oh Koi, Oh Koi, Oh Koi!
Catrinas de Guadalajara.jpg
Guadalajara Catrinas
One Eyed, One Fanged, Black Cat aka Luke_Sold.jpg
Luke, the one-eyed, one fang, cat with pink and black toes and pads, a lightening strike on his leg and a diamond on his neck. What a guy! (Sold) (R.I.P. – 2003-2021)
Morning Cup of Dreams_Sold.jpg
Coffee Dreams. (Sold)
Mant1_Phoenix Night Fire.jpg
Phoenix Night Fire
Kat and Condor self portrait. “One hand to give and one hand to receive.” Fashioned after David Hockney and a portrait of Frida Kahlo portrait with eagle.

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